About Us

BrandsRole, head-quartered in Ottawa, Canada, was developed by the marketing-obsessed. This deep passion for marketing comes from the inspiration and the powerful changes that come from sharing stories. That is how we view marketing: story-telling. We assist organizations in their efforts to share their story with their audiences. Our vision is to maintain a positive Net Promoter Score (NPS) average in order to ensure clients are satisfied and to promote referrals.


0171Esha Abrol
, CITP (Certified International Trade Professional), Director of Seeking and Sharing Inspiration

“We can all be agents of positive change. Through connecting, sharing, and observing, we can create movements to communicate our message. Story-telling has been around for centuries, it is a proven method of  imparting knowledge.” -Esha Abrol

Random fact selected haphazardly:  trained actor, Argentine tango dancer,  tea-drinker, yoga fanatic